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Property Auctions, Home Auctions, Car Auctions, Motorcycle Auctions, Truck Auctions, Plane Auctions, Sheriff Auctions, repossessed Auctions and many more going under the hammer at auction house's across the whole of South Africa. Most of us are looking at purchasing a new home, car or even a motorcycle but would love to get that bargain.

Bargains are hard to find and you always hear of some person that bought a home for some ridiculous amount at an auction, and then selling it in a couple of years only to have made a fortune on their initial investment...

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Posted 4th Dec
Should anyone be interested in buying Bid4Me Auction Services. Please contact me on info@bid4me.co....
Posted 19th Jun
I am so excited to mention the fantastic news that Wesbank has come on board and agreed to send all ...
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